Application of Flame Retardant Fabric in Industrial Field

- Jan 03, 2018-

  With the enhancement of people's consciousness of safety precaution, the application of flame retardant fabric is more and more widespread in all major fields of the world. When directly contact with the flame or high-temperature objects, flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent or slow the spread of flame, it will carbonize, and then form a flame retardant isolation layer to protect the human body from damage. So what are the application areas of flame retardant fabric?

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  Flame retardant fabric are mainly used in the field of special protection, such as fire-retardant overalls, fire-retardant headgear, fire-retardant gloves and so on, flame-retardant protective clothing is a very important individual protection clothing, which has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, fire, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other open flame, sparks and flammable places. At present, accept for curtains fabric, the automotive cover materials, carpets, wallpaper and other indoor decorative textiles, bedding and other materials will also do flame retardant finishing.


  In addition to general textiles, IDF workers suits and various fire-fighting clothing, labor protective clothing, such as combat clothing, fire services, furnace overalls, welding overalls, flying charm, petrochemical workers overalls, racing clothing, and some industrial fabrics, such as truck tarpaulin, all need to use a large number of flame-retardant and heat-resistant fabrics. Flame retardant fabric has almost penetrated into every industrial field.

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