Application Field of Flame Retardant Overalls

- Jan 05, 2018-


At present, most common overalls are general cotton overalls, anti-static clothing, flame-retardant treatment of cotton or cotton/polyester overalls. Ordinary cotton overalls are equivalent to the daily wear,  can not play a role in the prevention and protection of deflagration. Anti-static clothing can be triggered by the spark ignited to prevent the explosion, and the flame-retardant treatment of pure cotton or polyester overalls has a certain protective effect on the deflagration.



The application fields of flame-retardant overalls include metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, forestry, fire fighting, electricity, coal, construction and traffic light industry. With the increasingly standardized production of flame-retardant overalls, as well as the increasingly need to ensure product quality and develop new products, the number and type of flame retardant standards will increase rapidly.

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