Antibacterial underwear

- Apr 27, 2018-

The antibacterial underwear is made from the fabrics that have bactericidal or bacteriostatic properties. The anti-bacterial underwear has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects because the natural plant fiber material used does not have any stimulating components. And in the course of accessories choosing and processing, attention is particularly paid to the softness and breathability of the fabric. The use of the latest nanotechnology fully guarantees the freshness and softness of the antibacterial underwear.




The antibacterial underwear does not only have magic effect on health, since it can enhance the body cycle detoxification, it's anti-bacterial and mothproof. But also it is sterilizing, can eliminate odor, absorb moisture, release moisture, and automatically adjust the moisture balance of body. With soft hand feeling, bright colors and strong abrasion resistance, the Australian 2xu brand panties in the line are excellent products for antibacterial underwear.


Fabrics of antibacterial underwear are generally made from nano-silver fiber material. Silver is a natural antibacterial material that is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. In the medical field, sterile articles made of silver fibers are very common. Silver has a bactericidal effect, so silver utensils are not easy to ferment and acidify; silver compounds can be used to treat burn wounds, and silver chopsticks can detect sulfur poisons in foods.



When the body skin is damaged or suppurative inflammation occurs, bacteria can easily invade into the body. Invasion of the skin is one of the two major routes of bacterial infection (the other is the invasion of the respiratory tract), reducing the chance of exposure of extraneous harmful germs is the key to prevent bacterial infections. Thus it is very important whether the clothes especially the underwear has the antibacterial property and whether it can inhibit the bacteria.