Anti-abrasion and anti-stab protective fabric

- Mar 01, 2018-

  Since the 21st century, the world has undergone tremendous changes in all aspects, countless people yearn for more exciting outdoor sports, especially in recent years, China's outdoor adventure, camping enthusiasts have been climbing.

  The protection requirements of all walks of life are also constantly upgrading, some areas of protection not only for the protection level of the promotion, in comfort, lightweight also in the continuous progress, how to ensure the limits of outdoor enthusiasts and patrol police, security personnel and all walks of life staff security become the company for many years to think about the problem.

  Our company has been committed to the field of personal safety protection product development and production sales, in recent years, we have been developing based on UHMWPE, Aramid, glass fiber, spandex special performance of the cloth, now waterproof and cutting wear-resistant protective cloth has been successfully published, and by customers around the world widely used in plainclothes police jacket, Security clothing, hound protection, sports clothing and other areas need protection.