Analysis of Market Development of Global Aramid Industry

- Nov 07, 2017-


Globally, the main suppliers for aramid are American Dupont, Chinese Tayho and Japanese Teijin, among them, Dupont is in the monopolistic position. Tayho is the world's second largest supplier, its product performance indicators and degree of differentiation are similar with Dupont, so it is a main competitor for Dupont. 

Global Aramid total capacity is nearly 130,000 tons in 2016, of which capacity for para-aramid is about 82000 tons, and meta-aramid is about 48000 tons, and they are mainly distributed in North American, European and Asian area.The primary production enterprises for aramid fabric are Dupont and Teijin, their capacity can account for 63% in the meta-aramid industry, and 77% in the para-aramid industry.

However, the development for Chinese aramid industry is a bit backward, and also the production technology is relative backwardness. In 2016, our domestic aramid capacity only accounts for 15% in the world. 

Chinese domestic meta-aramid market is already glutted, especially the competition in low-end product market is stiff. On the contrary, the equipment for para-aramid is immaturity in China, only Tayho has a stable production line, thus the demand exceeds supply, and Chinese still need to import it from other countries.

But with the growth of domestic aramid fiber production, the import dependency rate is decreasing gradually in recent years. And many aramid supplier becomes more and more expanding. Like our company, Fuliong Textile, we research and develop many new aramid fabrics, they can be used in protective work wear, gloves, and other protective equipment.

Hope we can be your trustworthy functional fabric supplier in China, and we will not only provide functional fabrics but also excellent service.



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