Aluminized Gloves

- May 24, 2018-

The aluminized glove is made from aluminum foil heat-resistant fabric. It has the performance of high temperature resistance and radiation protection function. The palm of the glove is resistant to high temperatures of 500℃, and the back side is protected against radiation heat of 1000℃, it is able to reflect 95% of the heat.



The surface of the aluminized gloves is made of aluminum foil, so the appearance is basically the same. However the performance differs a lot from different materials inside.

The commonly used materials on aluminized gloves are as following: aluminum foil composite cotton cloth, aluminum foil composite flame retardant blankets, aluminum foil composite glass fiber, aluminum foil composite asbestos fiber, aluminum foil composite aramid, etc.


The aluminum foil high resistant gloves usually apply to steel manufacturing, metallurgic industry and forging industry.