Abrasion Resistant Fabric

- Aug 11, 2020-

Generally speaking, outdoor sports equipment, clothing, protective gear, backpacks, gloves, hiking shoes, etc. require certain protective performance, even in a relatively harsh environment, it is not easy to break or rot. All parts of the body are injured. 

Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Low-end nylon fabric, cordura fabric, and slightly higher-end carbon fiber fabric generally have protective properties in the market, but each fabric has its limitations. 

The price of low-end fabrics is not low, but the protection performance is not good. It is easy to fluff and wear out in the wear resistance test. Carbon fiber has better wear resistance, but it is not environmentally friendly. If you have an allergic reaction, your skin will develop a rash. And their critical temperature is just normal temperature, which means that the temperature is too high or too low will cause denaturation.

Many of the abrasion resistant fabrics produced by our company are mixed with para-aramid yarns and some high-strength nylon fibers. It solves the contradiction between abrasion resistance and light weight, and also solves the problem of environmental protection of fabrics. Therefore, the fabric can pass the EU and America environmental protection standards. There are light weight fabrics that can be used as some daily protection and wear resistance, moderate protective fabrics for outdoor sports, and highly protective fabrics that can be used as military products. 

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