Abrasion Resistant fabric

- Sep 25, 2018-

Generally speaking, outdoor sporting goods, clothing, protective gear, backpacks, gloves, hiking shoes and so on are required to have a certain degree of protection, even in the relatively harsh environment is not easy to break off or rotten and then the body all parts received damage. There is normal nylon, CORDURA, carbon fiber cloth in the market , but each fabric has its limitations. 

The price for normal fabric is not low, but the protection performance is not good, in the abrasion resistant test it is easy to fluff and easy to be worn out; the carbon fiber has a better abrasion resistance, but not environmental protection, if direct contact with the skin, people will have an allergic reaction, the skin will have a red rash. And their critical temperature is just the normal temperature, which means the temperature is too high or too low will cause degeneration.


Our production of these abrasion resistant fabric series fabrics, mainly use the para aramid yarn mixed with some high-strength nylon fiber, which not only solve the problem of the contradiction between wear-resistant and lightweight gram weight, but also solve the problem of fabric environmental protection. That is, can be used as some of the daily protection and wear-resistant lightweight weight fabric, but also the use of outdoor sports medium protection fabrics, as well as military use of high-protection fabrics.



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