Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit


Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit

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Polyimide Fabric for Heat Retardant Suit

Composition: Polyimide

Width: 62"/63"

Weight: 530SQM±50G

Function: High Temperature Resistant

Technics: Knitting

Color: Pumpkin

Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit

Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit


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Characters for Polyimide Fabric:

Polyimide's initial is PI, it has below characters:

(1) Flame retardant: PI for its own flame-retardant polymers, high temperature does not burn. 

(2) Mechanical properties (sensitivity to temperature small) 

(3) Excellent thermal performance

(4) Outstanding Electrical Properties

(5) Environmental performance (chemical resistance) high temperature, low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubricating, low abrasion, excellent mechanical properties, good dimensional stability, small thermal expansion coefficient, high insulation, low heat conductivity, not melting.

Fire retardant series: we develop the fire retardant series using polyimide, aramid(Para and Meta), acrylic, cotton, with/without aluminum foil, pre-oxidized fiber, IIIA(fire proof and anti static) and so on.

They are used to make fire entry suits, welding protective garments and so on. We will not disappoint our clients with the full range and multiple different specs of this series.

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