Heat Resistant Polyimide Fiber Fabric

Polyimide fiber(PI) PI-5530

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Heat Resistant Polyimide Fiber Fabric

Composition: Polyimide fiber

Width: 62/63"

Weight: 530SQM±10%

Function: High Temperature Resistant/flame retardant/fire proof/thermal insulation

Technics: Knitted

Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit

Polyimide Fabric For Heat Retardant Suit


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Application of Heat Resistant Polyimide Fiber Fabric: FR working clothing and gloves for firefighters, F1 race, welding,shipbuilding, steel smelting and so on.

Because of its good characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, no molten droplets, the flame will die out as soon as the fabric leaves the fire, and the excellent temperature insulation, polyimide fiber insulation protective clothing is comfortable wearing, good skin adaptability, permanent flame retardant, and dimensional stability, safety, long service life, compared with other fibers, due to the low thermal conductivity of the material itself, it is also an excellent temperature insulation materials.

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