Heat Insulation Felt

PY-1450 Pre-oxidized yarn with glue Function: High temperature resistant and flame retardant

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Heat Insulation Felt

Composition: Pre-oxidized yarn with the glue that let the felt does not come loose at back

Weight: 300G/SQM±30G

Width: 39/40"

Function: High temperature resistant and flame retardant


Color: Black


Heat Insulation Felt Introduction:

Traditionally the activated carbon can be divided into power and granular. In recent thirty years, the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries have developed the third form of activated carbon known as activated carbon fiber. Due to the activated carbon fiber possess up growth micropore and large specific surface area, large pore volume. And can be easily processed molding. Because of the above,  has much great capacity and high speed in adsorption and desorption than that of conventional activated carbon.

YY-1300 (3)

Heat Insulation Felt features:

1. Higher adsorption capacity and faster adsorption velocity

2. Easy regeneration and faster desorption velocity

3. Best heat regeneratioin and lowest ash content

4. Acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, there is better electric conductivity and chemical stability.

Application of Heat Insulation Felt:

(1)Solvent recovery system

Heat Insulation Felt can be used in solvent recovery from air stream such as the vapor of Benzene, ketone, ester, petroleum (particularly for the corrosive chloride, solvents of high reactivity and low boiling-point solvents).

(2)Military defensive projects

It can be made of anti-chemical clothes and the NBC protective suits, gloves, dressing and bandages etc.

(3)Air cleaning

(4)Wastewater treatment

(5)Drinking water purification

(6)Application in electronic industry and energy

(7)Heat Insulation Felt can be made into adiabatic materials, anti-corrosive materials and heat insulating material.

(8)Living goods like refrigerator deodorizer, retain freshness devices for fruits and vegtables, household water-cleaner, antibiotic shoe-pads, anti-poison mask and clothes, cigarette filer, etc.

(9)Medical and health protection like medical bandage, woundplast and sanitary towel etc.


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