Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric


Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric

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Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric

Composition: Para-aramid

Width: 57/58”

Weight: 200SQM±20G

Function: High Temperature Resistant/Flame retardant

Technics: Non-woven

Color: Yellow

Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric

Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric

Usually Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric is a fabric-like material made from aramid staple fibre (short) , carded, bonded and needled together by machine, it is a kind of  functional fabric which is neither woven nor knitted,you also can call it aramid felt or aramid mat. Usually there are para-aramid mat, meta-aramid mat, and aramid mat mixed by both of para-aramid and meta-aramid staple fibre.

Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric contains aramid fiber with high tear strength, fireproof and heat insulation function, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, flame resistance, wear resistance and good dimensional stability. It has been widely used in protection, filtration, composite materials and other fields. After arbonized, no molten droplets, flame retardant,self-extinguishing. Soft and comfortable, good color fastness, excellent radiation resistance, flame retardant and environmental protection.


The main application areas of Flame Retardant Non Woven Felt Fabric: 

1.Industry: generators, motors, transformer insulation materials, heat insulation materials for molded heat-sealed air-conditioning equipment, paper calender rollers;

2.Automotive field: spark plugs, high temperature resistant hoses and other thermal protection materials, engine insulation materials, radiation hose flame retardant materials, etc.  

3.Protection industry: fireman's fire-fighting suit, fire commanding suit, emergency rescue suit, forest fire-fighting suit, infrared camouflage suit, flame-retardant anti-static suit, arc-proof suit, smelting suit, fire-fighting gloves.

4.Power industry: transformers, reactors, transformers, motors, generators; insulation materials (F, H, G).  

5.Electronics field: Li-ion battery bus bars, circuit laminates, microwave ovens, photoengraving, laser printing and other equipment-related components;

6.Filtering field: liquid, gas and solid phase filter materials (cement, steel, lime kiln, asphalt mixing, non-ferrous metal smelting, etc.) under special environments such as high temperature and corrosion resistance  

6.Public facilities: thermal insulation and flame retardant materials for theaters and hotels, such as background curtains, wallpaper, spotlight insulation materials, decoration materials, etc.

6.Daily products: lampshade, speaker diaphragm, sound induction coil insulation material, bag ashtray, sleigh, etc.  

7.Transportation: SANDWICH composite structural material made of aramid paper-based material is used to reduce weight on ships, automobiles, airplanes and other transportation.  

8.Other uses: military field armors, anti-shatter suits, shock-resistant helmets, shields, transport safety packaging, protective armor for aircraft and helicopters, special runways for aircraft, canoe linings, etc.

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