Fire Resistant Material Fabric

PY-2290F Fire Resistant Material Fabric

Product Details


Fire Resistant Material Fabric

Fabric Composition

Para-aramid/pre-oxidized fiber

Fabric weight


Fabric width



Flame retardant, high temperature resistant, fire resistant




Heat radiation protective,  FR, flame retardant fabric, Heat Standard Fabric


Dark green

Working Temperature: 300℃

Instantaneous heat resistance temperature: 500-600℃

Fire Resistant Material Fabric

Fire Resistant Material Fabric

Fire Resistant Material Fabric

Product advantages:

The fabric of pre-oxidized &Para aramid is the best combination .


 Pre-oxidized fiber:

 1, High flame retardant,limiting oxygen index is greater than 45%, can tolerate 3 minutes in the 900 degrees flame.

 2, High thermal stability,in the flame,the fiber does not burn, not melt, not shrink

 3, Good insulation effect.

 4, Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion

 5, Resistance to chemical environment

 6, Resistance to radiation

 7, Can be made to the soft fabric

 8, Good absorbent 

 Para Aramid (kevlar) fiber:

 1, High strength ,greater than 20.0CN/dtex ,five times greater than steel.

 2, Low-density ,light as universal fabric

 3,Resistance to  acid and alkali corrosion

 4,resistance to high temperature,at 240 degree high temprature,can be  used normaly!

 Field of use

 1,Protective clothing

 *high temprature workwear

 *firefight suit,

 *combat uniforms

 *welding clothing

 *firefight gloves

 *firefight socks

 *firefight tapes

 *fire escape rope

 2, Flame-retardant decorative materials

 *Flame retardant heat-resistant curtains or covers

 *seat coat of the automobile , Power car ,train,aircraft and so on

 *flame resistant felt

Applications for Flameproof Fabric:

  1. Petrochemical Industry

  2. Eletric power Industry 

  3. Welding Industry

  4. Natural Gas

 Fire Resistant Material Fabric


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