100% Para Aramid Fabric

PP-2180 100% Para Aramid Fabric

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100% Para Aramid Fabric

Composition: 100% Para-aramid

Width: 57/58"

Weight: 180SQM±20G

Function: High temperature retardant/flame retardant/cut resistant

Technics: Woven

Color: Yellow

  • The 100% Para Aramid Fabricis woven from man-made high-performance aramid fibers into a bi-directional balanced fabric.

  • The aramid fibers are bundles of endless aramid filaments. The filaments are composed from molecules that are characterized by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. Well known aramid fibers are Kevlar and Twaron.

  • Aramid fibers show high tensile strength, high modulus, good resistance to abrasion, no electric conductivity, high chemical resistance, low flammability and high temperature resistance.

  • Typical end-uses: Marine industry, Aerospace industry, Sport and leisure, Transportation industry, Industrial components.

100% Para Aramid Fabric

100% Para Aramid Fabric

100% Para Aramid Fabric

100% Para Aramid Fabric

100% Para Aramid Fabric

Areas of use of 100% Para Aramid Fabric are very diverse. Between them can be made of flight suits for Air-force pilots, combat jackets and pants for Army, Navy and Police, especially for special forces like SWAT, Navy Seals and other elite squats. Another popular use of aramid fabrics is as Station uniform for firefighters.

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