Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

CLZ-2280TPU Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Product Details


Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Cut Resistant Level 5

Weight: 280G/SQM±10%

Composition: UHMWPE/Polyester/GLass fiber with a black water proof film

Width: 60/61"

Function: cut resistant/water proof/slash proof 

Color: Red and black

Structure: woven

Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Recommend Applications for Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric: 

  • Anti-theft backpacks

  • Traveler’s cases

  • Worker’s protective clothing

  • Protective shoe’s upper

  • More

Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Slash Resistant Water Proof Fabric


1. Why to use Anti-theft Backpack?

People need to pack their wallets, mobile phones, computers and other valuables into the backpack for easy carrying when they go out. However, there are always some criminals who cut the backpack with blades in public places.

So a cut resistant fabric backpack is very necessary.

2. How to cut and sew the fabric when production?

For cutting the fabric, you can use electronic scissors for sample backpacks, and use laser cutting machine for large goods. 

For the sewing, the sewing machine that for cases and backpack is ok, as the weight is 280G/SQM±30G, not very heavy, but please use thick needle.


I'm looking for the perfect material, which makes it as hard as possible (or even impossible) for a thief to open a bag with a knife. 

As what we offer is the fabric, not metal or other material, fabric can not be 100% cut proof, this is often a question that many customers get confused with when buying the cut resistant fabric, most cut resistant fabric is not 100% cut proof, even the highest level. Our cut resistant fabric are designed to reduce the amount of damage the bag, and extend the time for thief to open the fabric. They will reduce the impact and damage done from a knife, and offer a very good level of protection.   


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