Slash Resistant Fabric

HMPE-5400 Slash Resistant Fabric

Product Details

HMPE-5400 Slash Resistant Fabric

Composition: UHMWPE/Elasticity

Width: 66/67"

Function: Cut resistant & Slash Resistant 

Cut level: EN388 3

Color: White

Structure: Knitted

Slash Resistant Fabric

Slash Resistant Fabric

Slash Resistant Fabric

Slash Resistant Fabric

Function for UHMWPE Slash Resistant Fabric:

Because of its numerous excellent characteristics,  UHMWPE fiber shows great advantage in high performance fiber market, from mooring ropes of offshore oil field to high performance lightweight composite materials. 
It plays a vital role in modern war and territories such as aviation, aerospace, maritime defense equipments.

Such as Filter materials, parachutes, armor plates, bulletproof vests and garments, bullet shields, reinforced composites, modulus fabrics, marine ropes, cables, sailing tarpaulin, medical materials and self-defense clothing, etc. 

 Slash Resistant Fabric also can be made into underwear, such as that underpants Called 'Safe Shorts' , which are made of a slash and slash resistant fabric and feature a combination lock and a loud alarm system that goes off when the pants aretampered with.



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