Slash Proof Material

PEGT-5350 Slash Proof Material

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Slash Proof Material

Composition: UHMWPE/Polyester/Glass fiber 

Weight: 350GSM/±30G

Width: 62/63”

Function: Cut resistant

Color: Grey

Tpye: Knitting 

Slash Proof Material

Slash Proof Material

Slash Proof Material Description:

It is an ultra-high performance cut resistant fabric, made from an innovative combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and polyester and Glass fiber weaved by special high-density knitting machines.

Slash Proof Material Applications:

Slash resistant clothing for frontline professionals working in hostile environments such as prisons, correctional facilities, homeland security and policing, effectively preventing lacerations, subsequent rapid blood loss and death.

  • Cut resistant clothing for workers in the flat glass, sheet metal, recycling and automotive industries

  • Bite resistant clothing for professionals working with vulnerable children, young people and adults with challenging behavior such as biting or scratching. Even if this fabric cannot stop the sometimes severe bruising following a human bite, it will eliminate the risk of potentially severe infections following skin penetration.

  • Stab resistant and tear resistant clothing for fencing athletes, divers, skiers, motorcyclists and hunters to avoid injury during their sports or activities.

  • Most recently such cut resistant fabrics are being used to create cut resistant seating within public transport, cut resistant back packs or cases for travelers, and protective clothing for animals.

Many other tests around the world are currently conducted to establish additional applications.

Slash Proof Material

Slash Proof Material


Q: What is the main advantage of your fabrics?

A: Our fabrics have highly cut-resistance, and very good durable ability for personal safety to prevent the potential harm by metal, glass, knife, etc.

Q: Can we have free samples?

A: We provide A4 size free swatches with our potential clients, but the freight fee need be paid by buyer.

Q: Can we custom made our own cut resistance fabrics?

A: Yes, we are happy to develop new fabrics for our clients.


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