Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric


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Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Weight: 280G/SQM±30G

composition: UHMWPE/Glass fiber/Nylon

Width: 62/63"

Function: cut resistant/water proof

Structure: knitted

Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Application for Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric:

Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric

Cut Resistant Water Proof Fabric Usage:

·Sports and leisure (skydiving, skiing, boating, fishing)

·Ropes and cordage ·Bulk material handling

·Porous parts and filter 

·Automotive industry

·Chemical industry

·Food processing and beverage machinery

·Mining and mineral processing equipment

·Manufacturing equipment

·Civil engineering and earthmoving equipment

·Transport-related applications, including truck trays, bins and hoppers.

Special Performance of UHMWPE fiber:

 (1) high specific strength, high specific modulus.
Its specific strength is more than ten times of the same wire, and specific modulus ranks only second to superfine carbon fiber.
 (2) low fiber density, which is 0.97 0.98 g/cm3,  and helps the fiber to float on water surface.
 (3) low elongation at break and big specific work of rupture, makes it have strong ability to absorb energy, thus it has outstanding impact resistance and cutting resistance.
 (4) UHMWPE fiber can resist ultraviolet radiation, neutron and gamma rays, and has higher specific energy absorption, low dielectric constant, as well as high electromagnetic wave transmission rate.
(5) It also has characteristic of chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and long flex life.


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