Cut Resistant Textile For Gloves

PEGT-2380 Cut Resistant textile For Gloves

Product Details

PEGT-2380 Cut Resistant textile For Gloves

Content: UHMWPE/Glass fiber/Polyester

Weight: 380G/SQM±40G

Width: 61/62"

Type: Woven

Color: Heather grey

Function: Cut resistant

Packing: Inner poly bag, outer pp woven bag

Cut resistant level: EN388:2003 level 5

The cut-resistant textile (woven and knitted) apply the yarn with the material of UHMWPE and glass fiber for work protection and sport protection products for personal safety to prevent the possible harm by metal, glass, and knife, etc.



Cut Resistant textile For Gloves


Cutting protection is a combination of factors, not just material construction. Therefore, when evaluating the cut resistance of a glove, all of the following factors should be carefully considered:

  • Material structure

  • Weight

  • Fabric construction

  • Coating

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We have cut resistant textile series using UHMWPE material, high strength para aramid, durable glass fiber.

Knitted or woven, lightweight or thick, EN level 3,4, or 5, you can always find what you need.


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