Cut Resistant Fabrics Textiles

Cut Resistant Fabrics Textiles

PEGT-2260 cut resistant fabrics textiles EN388:2003 3

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cut resistant fabrics textiles

Composition: UHMWPE/Glass fiber /polyester

Weight: 260GSM/±30G

Width: 59/60”

Function: Cut resistant

Cut resistant level: EN388:2003 3

Color: Black

Type: woven

cut resistant fabrics textiles

 cut resistant fabrics textiles

 cut resistant fabrics textiles

Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE for short) Fiber, also called High Strength and High Modulus Polyethylene Fiber, is currently the highest strength and modulus fiber all over the world. UHMWPE fiber made of 1 million ~ 5 million molecular weight polyethylene, ranks among World Three High Performance Fibers, with nomex Fiber, carbon fiber. 

UHMWPE Glass Fiber Polyester cut resistant fabrics textiles: 

1)High strength 
Ultra-high strength of PE ,which is higher than the strength of kevlar by 40%,  higher than the strength of carbon fiber by 200% , 5~6 times than the strength of high quality steel wire  , 10 times than the strength of polyester material. It is the highest strength of all chemical fibers in the world, widely used for Ballistic armor, cut resistance shirt , gloves and other protection clothes . 

2)Environmental Properties 
Excellent resistance to water, moisture, corrosion, UV light and microorganisms;

3)Moisture absorption ,breathable and cool feeling. 

cut resistant fabrics textiles



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