Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles

HMPE-5420 Cut Resistant Fabric/slash resistant fabric

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HMPE-5420 Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles


Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles

Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles

Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles

HMPE-5420 Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles is 100% UHMWPE fabric. 

UHMWPE fabric is non-toxic, fully in line with the standards of the Japanese Health Association, and also get the accreditation from United States Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture, can be used to contact food and drugs. So you don't worry if you make this fabric into animal bite proof doy, which will not harm your pets.



Function for UHMWPE:

Filter materials, parachutes, armor plates, bulletproof vests and garments, bullet shields, reinforced composites, modulus fabrics, marine ropes, cables, sailing tarpaulin, medical materials and self-defense clothing, etc. 

Application for Cut Resistant Fabric Protective Textiles :


UHMWPE cloth usually used to make stab-proof clothes, cut-resistant clothes, cut-resistant gloves, reinforcing materials for various composites such as surfing boards, boat, ski boards, cut resistant bags, Building reinforcement etc. if you are a specialist you may develop many other uses for composites by using this UHMWPE fiber woven.

Now many buyers use it as lining to make the sports pants clothes for protective. since UHMWPE fabric is excellent abrasion wear resistant. this performance is much better than carbon and aramid.

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