RFID Shielding Fabric

DT-2070F RFID shielding Fabric

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RFID shielding Fabric


Composition:  Polyester/Copper/Nickle

Weight: 70G/SQM±7G

Width: 43/44"

Function: RFID blocking/EMF shielding/radiation protection fabric

Process: Woven

Style: Ripstop

The RFID shielding Fabric Fabric is flat surface and with metallic luster. The common color is silver gray ( Light gold).

RFID shielding Fabric

RFID shielding Fabric

RFID shielding Fabric

Features for RFID shielding Fabric:

Rip-stop and soft texture
super-low impedance and good electrical conductivity
Good shielding effectiveness
easy processing and shaping

Function for RFID shielding Fabric:

1, To protect from electromagnetic radiation interference, and electronic attacks, to secure the normal operation of equipments.

2, To protect information security from electromagnetic leakage.

3, To Protect human body, high sensitive equipments, etc from electromagnetic radiation injury.

RFID shielding Fabric

The RFID shielding Fabric can be processed into conductive fabric tape, die cutting materials, EMI/EMC shielding conductive gasket etc, which is suitable for all kinds of EMI/EMC shielding, anti-static, ground connection, etc. The product is mainly applied to electronic manufacturing, communications and medical treatment industries.

The RFID shielding Fabric uses the current international most advanced physical and chemical process, the fibers to be ionized processing, has the good X-Y-Z three conductive and shielding effect, reflection, absorption of harmful electromagnetic waves, on the human body without injury, after testing the shielding effect of national test center reached 99.999999% (above 78dB).

Rust oxidation, color uniform, wear resistance, weather resistance, asluggage bags lining, mobile phone signal shielding, laptop, external interference, with reliable security protection. The conversion of dB andshielding rate rate is: 3dB, 50%; 6dB, 75%; 9dB, 87.5%; 12dB, 93.75%;30dB, 99.9%; 70dB, 99.9999%; 80dB, 99.999999%.

Detection method: the following common user detection method:

A, measured with a multimeter: conductivity detection has good conductivity,no ordinary fabric;

B, the wrapped the receiving machine, mobile phone signal disappeared, do not play into the hotlines.


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