Radiation Shielding Fabric

DT-2090diamond radiation shielding fabric

Product Details


Composition: conductive yarn

Weight: 90GSM/±10G

Width: 53/54”

Function: Conductive




For our RFID blocking fabric, we use iphone and Huawei, put them inside the fabric, it can block the phone call, message, 4G, wifi, etc. We have customers who use this fabric as the lining of the wallet, or clothing for pregnant women.

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When washing the radiation shielding fabric, it is recommended to use foam washing method, that is, to soak the fabric with a liquid soap, and then gently wash it. Because the fabric itself will not be so dirty, excessive rubbing or machine washing will damage the radiation protection fiber. 

Function of radiation shielding fabric:

1, To protect from electromagnetic radiation interference, and electronic attacks, to secure the normal operation of equipments.

2, To protect information security from electromagnetic leakage.

3, To Protect human body, high sensitive equipments, etc from electromagnetic radiation injury.

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