Radiation Proof Fabric

DT-2100TW radiation proof fabric

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DT-2100TW radiation proof fabric


Radiation Proof Fabric

Radiation Proof Fabric

Radiation proof fabric test report:

Please check below RFID shielding fabric test report, the SE(dB) for our fabric is around 65-67, usually the SE is about 50 for maternity wear, and our fabric is more beyond that standard.

radiation proof fabric.JPG

Radiation proof fabric Application

- High frequency electromagnetic shielding. For electromagnetic protection in communication industry, medical radiation area. Replacing copper plate, aluminum plate. 

- For anti-electro disturbing, anti electro information leaking. Suitable for field operations in war zoon, electronic defense and etc. 

- Making I/O interface pad. It can be processed to shielding gasket of any geometry shape, replace conductive sponge. 

- Making anti-static cloth, shielding curtain, radiation protect mobile pack and other civil products.

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