Emf Protection Fabric

MME-5210 emf protection fabric

Product Details

MME-5210 EMF protection fabric

composition:: meta-aramid/ Anti-microbial fiber

Weight: 210G/SQM

Width: 61/62"

Function: Conductive/fire proof/anti-microbial

Type: Knitte

Emf Protection Fabric

Emf Protection Fabric

Emf Protection Fabric

Good conductivity and shielding effectiveness;
Very high transparency.

Shielding window (Window screen / curtain), Electronics, etc.

There are roughly five types of radiation-proof fabrics, including metal fiber radiation-proof fabrics, multi-element fabrics, copper/nickel ion fabrics, silver fiber fabrics, one-way antistatic fabrics, etc.

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Our EMF protection fabric has great conductivity and extensibility. It is easy for extrusion processing and installation. Its better corrosion resistance and anti-friction performance made its popular in the shielding field. It is widely used in high frequency electromagnetic field such as shielding room, mobile communications, computers, household equipment, electronic defense, and also for radiation protection clothes, curtains, RFID anti-theft bags and so on…


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