Anti Radiation Fabric

DT-2060 Anti Radiation Fabric

Product Details

Anti Radiation Fabric

Item: DT-2060

Content: Conductive yarn

Weight: 58G/SQM±10G

Width: 47/48"

Function: anti-radiation/RFID blocking/EMF shielding/conductive

Type: Woven

Anti Radiation Fabric

Anti Radiation Fabric

Anti Radiation Fabric

Radiation protection fabric helps protecting the baby during pregnancy from everyday radiation.
The specially designed fabric provides 60-70 DB RF radiation attenuation with a 99.9999% shielding efficiency.

Radiation protection fabric is a natural material radiation protection, its principle is to use metal shielding function, to play a role in radiation protection.

    Anti Radiation Fabric is suitable for all kinds of intensity electromagnetic radiation environment; Anti Radiation Fabric can be made into lining and inter layer for radiation clothing,  can be close-fitting, close to the body, and no side effects on human bodies. Wide band, high efficiency to prevent electromagnetic radiation, easily block mobile phone signal and electromagnetic radiation. With strong antibacterial, anti-static function, if close to the body, it will not have any side effects,it is also resistant to repeated washing.

Anti Radiation Fabric


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