Fire Retardant Aramid Textile

PP-3860 Fire Retardant Aramid Textile

Product Details


Fire Retardant Aramid Textile

Composition: 100% Para-aramid


width: 100CM

Function: chainsaw protective/cut resistant/flame retardant

Color: Yellow

Fire Retardant Aramid Textile

Fire Retardant Aramid Textile

Main Applications: Anti-Chainsaw clothing/chaps for woodcutter, protective appliances and boots for wood-cutter etc.



Fire Retardant Aramid TextileFire Retardant Aramid TextileFire Retardant Aramid Textile

Chainsaw Protection Classification

Items which resist cutting at 16 m/s are classified as Class 0, which is the typical level selected for hand protectors, gloves, upper body protectors and gaiters. It is generally the case that to obtain higher performance levels, for upper body protectors for example, so many layers of protective material are required that the garment becomes too uncomfortable for continuous wear.

For leg protectors, the lowest allowable level of protection is Class 1, which resists cutting at up to 20 m/s.

Chainsaw protective products of class 2 or class 3 are tested at (a chainsaw chain speed of) 24 m/s and 28 m/s respectively.

Fire Retardant Aramid Textile


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