Anti Chainsaw Textile

TPE-3140 Anti Chainsaw Textile

Product Details

TPE-3140 Anti Chainsaw Textile

Content: UHMWPE/Polyester

Weight: 140GSM+10G

Width: 57/58"

Function: Anti chainsaw/chainsaw protective

Anti Chainsaw Textile

Anti Chainsaw Textile

Anti Chainsaw Textile

For the Anti Chainsaw Textile

6 layers, it will reach EN381 Class 1, and 8 layers, it can reach EN381 Class 2, Class 1 means the resists cutting at up to 20 m/s, and Class 2  is tested at (a chainsaw chain speed of) 24 m/s. 


Anti Chainsaw Textile can be used for chain saw protection trousers amp bib-pants, chain saw protective apron chaps, chain saw protective shirt, etc.

Anti Chainsaw Textile

Anti Chainsaw Textile

Why to Wear Chainsaw Safety Chaps?

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