Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric


Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric

High temperature resistant

Product Details

Product Information

Item Number: PP-2540S

Product Name: Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric

Composition: Para-aramid

Weight: 540SQM±50G

Width: 57/58”


Function: High temperature resistant/fire resistant/flame retardant

Color: Sliver

Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric

Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric

Usage for Heat Resistant Aluminized Glove Fabric:

1.  Heat insulation and light inflecting in construction and protect both cold water and hot water pipe

2.  Separation of refrigerator, warm keeping for center conditioner, and other home appliance

3. Heat insulation, sound absorption for car, train, and lab, cushion of traveling.

4. Packing for special products and cold storage




Our aluminized heat resistant fabric are widely used to fabricate items of protective clothing such as gloves, sleeves, mitts, aprons, jackets, trousers and fire proximity suits. These are used within industry to protect workers from heat and welding splash. 

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