Heat Reflective Textile

MIIIA-2410S Heat Reflective textile
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MIIIA-2410S Heat Reflective textile

Fabric Composition: Meta-aramid/para-aramid/Anti-static

Fabric width: 59/60"

Fabric weight: 410G/SGM±40G

Style: Woven

Technical: Aluminum coated

Heat Reflective Textile.jpg

Heat Reflective Textile

Heat Reflective TextileHeat Reflective Textile

Heat Reflective Textile

The surface of the aluminized gloves is made of aluminum foil, so the appearance is basically the same. However the performance differs a lot from different materials inside.

The commonly used materials on aluminized gloves are as following: aluminum foil composite cotton cloth, aluminum foil composite flame retardant blankets, aluminum foil composite glass fiber, aluminum foil composite asbestos fiber, aluminum foil composite aramid, etc.

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