Heat Reflective Textile

MIIIA-2410S Heat Reflective textile

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Heat Reflective textile

Fabric Composition: Meta-aramid/para-aramid/Anti-static

Fabric width: 59/60"

Fabric weight: 410G/SGM±40G

Style: Woven

Technical: Aluminum coated

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Heat Reflective Textile

 Characteristics for Heat Reflective textile:

1.Water, corrosion, light can be prevented effectively.

2.For keeping  warm ground, warm wall, moisture-proof floor,  etc.

3.Eco-friendly, insulation,.water-proof, etc.

Heat Reflective TextileHeat Reflective Textile

Heat Reflective Textile

The surface of the aluminized gloves is made of aluminum foil, so the appearance is basically the same. However the performance differs a lot from different materials inside.

The commonly used materials on aluminized gloves are as following: aluminum foil composite cotton cloth, aluminum foil composite flame retardant blankets, aluminum foil composite glass fiber, aluminum foil composite asbestos fiber, aluminum foil composite aramid, etc.

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