Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

MM-2410S Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

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Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics 


Fabric Composition: 75% Meta-aramid/25%Aluminum foil

Fabric width: 57/58"

Fabric weight: 410G/SGM±40G

Thickness: 0.55MM

Style: Woven

Technical: Aluminum coated

Feature: Anti-radiation heat, flame retardant, non-melting drops

Bursting strength: L: 2147N & W: 1441N

Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

Newly developed aluminum foil technology, advantages: The foil is very firm, and even after 30 minutes of steaming on fire, then we rub it hardly, the foil does not fall off.

Main applications for Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics:

-Heat-retardant curtains or screens

-Thermal insulation covers, mattress and pads

-Welding/fire protection

-Safety cloth and apron

-Other fire and smoke control systems

Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics 

Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

Heat Reflective Aluminized Fabrics

Brief introduction:

This series is made from Para aramid, Meta aramid, glass fiber, pre-oxidized fiber and polymide fiber through special finishing process. Its main characteristics lies in its outstanding thermal insulation performance, incomparable durability, excellent high temperature resistance, soft touch, rub and

peel resistance. 

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