Flame Retardant Cloth

MIIIA-2410S flame retardant cloth
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MIIIA-2410S flame retardant cloth

Fabric Composition

Meta-aramid/para-aramid/anti-static fiber

Fabric weight


Fabric width



Fire proof/Flame retardant/High temperature resistant




Sliver aluminum coated

flame retardant cloth

flame retardant cloth

Feature for aluminum foil cloth:

Continuous protection to 600° F (320° C)
Advanced composite made of Meta-aramid/para-aramid/anti-static fiber support
High abrasion resistance
Strength retention
Non irritating
Lightweight and flexible
Strong and durable
Doesn't shrink from flame

Usage: To make fire entry suits, welding protective garments and so on.

The aluminum foil cloth is composed of an aluminum foil conductive cloth and a hot melt. The special flame-retardant adhesive is used to form a dense film, and the composite aluminum foil has smooth and smooth surface, high light reflectivity, large tensile strength in longitudinal and transverse directions, airtightness, impermeability and good sealing performance. It has high shielding rate and strong material toughness.

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