Fire Crossing Suit Fabric


Fire Crossing Suit Fabric


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Fire Crossing Suit Fabric

Item: PM-2280BSM

Composition: Para-aramid/meta-aramid

Weight: 430GSM/±40G

Width: 57”/58”

Function: Fire resistant/flame retardant/high temperature resistant

Color: Silver


Fire Crossing Suit Fabric

Fire Crossing Suit Fabric

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  The fabric base cloth uses 100% aramid (Para-aramid and Meta-aramid), permanent flame retardant, high temperature resistance (up to 400 degrees Celsius above), the reverse adopts brush wool process, feel very soft, forming air layer, increase the insulation characteristics of fabric. Surface composite Flame-retardant electroplating aluminum film, anti-thermal radiation effect is good (in the rescue of the scene to reduce the temperature rise in the clothing, protect the human body) feel soft, good surface fastness, do not fall off, wear-resistant performance, clothing and the use of the process surface aluminum film will not bubble, will not tear.

  The fabric is suitable for fire-fighting clothing, welding gloves, steel furnace fitter clothing, robot protective clothing and other fields.