Aluminized Polyester Fabric

PT-2260FY aluminized polyester fabric

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Aluminized Polyester Fabric

Fabric Composition: Para-aramid/Polyester

Weight: 350G/SQM±30G

Width: 57/58"

Style: Woven

aluminized polyester fabric

aluminized polyester fabric

Aluminized Polyester Fabric is a composite of a woven aluminized polyester fabric. It provides continuous protection under high temperature. Safety apparel made with our this fabric has additional protection against exposure to radiant heat.

Aluminized Polyester Fabric

Application for Aluminized Polyester Fabric:

1. To laminate or coat EPE, XPE, IXPE, Bubble, Kraft, Fibreglass Wool as good
Building / construction Thermal Insulation Material to reduce summer heat and keep warm in winter.
(1)Roof, Attic, Underlay & floor Insulation Under Concrete & wood.
(2)Crawl Space, Stud Wall, Metal Frame Building Insulation
2. Wrapping
(1)Protective coating of ventilating pipe,HVAC Duct & Pipe
(2)Shells of air conditioner and water heater
(3)Packing lift/elevator,machinery, sensitive products
(4)Industrial & commercial sheds

3. Radiant Barrier&Roof sarking&Wall wrap

4. For making Container liner; tray cover

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