Wear Resistant Fabric

PN-6391PG Para -aramid/Nylon/EL

Product Details

PN-6391PG Wear Resistant Fabric

Composition: Para -aramid/Nylon/EL

Weight: 450GSM/±40G

Width: 51/52”

Function:high abrasion resistant

Type: woven

Color: Fluorescein Green

Abrasion resistant level: 3

Wear Resistant Fabric

Wear Resistant Fabric2

Our production of these abrasion resistant fabric series fabrics, mainly use the para aramid yarn mixed with some high-strength nylon fiber, which not only solve the problem of the contradiction between wear-resistant and lightweight gram weight, but also solve the problem of fabric environmental protection. That is, can be used as some of the daily protection and wear-resistant lightweight weight fabric, but also the use of outdoor sports medium protection fabrics, as well as military use of high-protection fabrics.

Wear Resistant Fabric3

Wear Resistant Fabric4

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