Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

NN-6470 Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

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Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

Composition: 100% Nylon

Weight: 470G/SQM±50G

Width: 59/60"

Function: High abrasion resistant/wear resistant

Type: Woven

Color: Black

Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

Feature for Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric:

High strength, high tenacity, high modulus, low density, dimension stability, durable, blackout, anti-static, shrink-resistant,tear-resistant, abrasion resistant

Application for Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric: 

Reinforced key part of clothing , high-end outdoor clothing,  racing suits, cut resistance golves, etc.

Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric

The most prominent advantage for Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric is it has a higher wear resistance than all other fibers, 10 times higher than cotton and 20 times higher than wool.

Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric Washing method:

1. Use general synthetic detergent and the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees

2, can be twisted gently, avoid exposure and drying

3. Iron with steam at low temperature

4. Ventilated and dry after washing

Maintenance of Nylon Wear Resistant Fabric:

1. Ironing temperature should not exceed 110 degrees

2, when ironing must play steam, not dry hot


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