Nylon High Abrasion Resistant Textile


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Nylon High Abrasion Resistant Textile

Composition: Para -aramid/ Nylon/EL

Weight: 450G/SQM±40G

Width: 51/52”

Function: high abrasion resistant

Type: woven

High abrasion resistant level: 3


Nylon High Abrasion Resistant Textile also have para-aramid,  It is twice as tough as steel wire. So this fabric is very suitable for outdoor garments, motorcycle clothing, etc.

In the market, there are generally low-end nylon cloth, cordura cloth and slightly high-end carbon fiber cloth with protective properties, but each fabric has its limitations.Low-end fabrics are not cheap, but the protection performance is not good, in the wear-resistant experiment is very easy to wool is also very easy to be worn out;Carbon fiber has a better wear resistance, but it is not environmentally friendly. Direct contact with skin will cause allergic reactions and skin rash.And their critical temperature is only normal temperature, that is, too high or too low temperature will cause denaturation.

Many of the wear-resistant fabrics we produce are made of pair-aramid yarn mixed with some high-strength nylon fibers.Solved the problem of wear resistance and light weight, also solved the problem of fabric environmental protection.So the fabric can pass the European Union and the American environmental protection standard.That is, there are some lightweight fabrics that can be used for daily protection and wear resistance.

There are also moderate protective fabrics for outdoor sports and high protective fabrics for military use. So fabric can provide physical property data report, welcome to INQUIRY us.

About us:

Nylon High Abrasion Resistant Textile

    F&L Safety and Protection Textile was established in 2011, which is a professional textile company, specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing special functional textile materials. All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
   "Quality and integrity come first" is not just F&L's business motto. Our company strictly follows the industry standards and provides every client not only high quality products but also excellent service.


Q: What's the functions of this abrasion resistant Fabric?

A: This high abrasion resistant Fabric is highly abrasion resistant, featuring high durable reinforced ability of key parts, such as F1 race drivers, outdoor,mountaineer footwear.


Q: Do you offer samples of this abrasion resistant Fabric?

A: For the abrasion resistant fabric, we can provide samples, but the freight will be beared by buyer.

Q:When is the delivery time of this abrasion resistant Fabric?

A: The abrasion resistant Fabric will be offered at around 25-30 days after confirmation of the order.


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