Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

NT-2372FB Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

Product Details

NT-2372FB Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

Composition: Nylon/Polyester/Spandex

Weight: 370GSM±40G

Width: 57/58"

Function: High abrasion resistant

Type: Woven


Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile

Application for Nylon Abrasion Resistant Textile:  Locomotives clothes, Skiing gloves, racing garments, travelling bags, reinforcement.

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Polyester (very crisp):

Advantages: high strength, good impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, stagnation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good light resistance (after acrylic fiber), 60-70% strength after 1000 hours of exposure. Quick-drying.

Disadvantages: Poor hygroscopicity, difficulty in dyeing.

Nylon (sturdy and wearable):

Advantages: strong wear resistance, low density, light fabric, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, chemical stability, alkali resistance and acid resistance.

Disadvantages: poor solar resistance, the fabric will turn yellow and the strength will decrease.

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