High Abrasion Resistant Fabric

NN-6301O Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Product Details

Item: NN-6301O

High Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Composition: Nylon/Elastane

Weight: 300GSM/±30G

Width: 57/58” 

Function: Abrasion resistant

Type: Woven

Color: Orange

NN-6301O (1).jpg

NN-6301O (3).jpg

The special-spinning fiber-dyed products are dyed and re-spun with fiber, and processed with the environmental protectiontechnology, to make good texture, and the soft touch feel makes the clothes comfortable. This kind of products fully realizes the environmental protection, high-technology, multi-functional and high-quality fabric.

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High Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Application for High Abrasion Resistant Fabric

Gloves, Bag, Luggage, Belt, Shoe, Sofa, Car Seat, Case Leather For Electronic Products, Furniture&Decoration, Clothing Leather, Home Textile, ect.

High Abrasion Resistant Fabric: many colors, can be customized to order if you want. 


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