Abrasion Resistant Textile

Abrasion Resistant Textile

PN-6301BP Abrasion Resistant Textile

Product Details

PN-6301BP Abrasion Resistant Textile

Composition: Para-aramid/nylon/Elasticity/PU

Width: 50/51"

Weight: 350GSM/±30G


Function: Abrasion resistant

Abrasion Resistant Textile

Abrasion Resistant Textile

Abrasion Resistant Textile

The para aramid line has the following characteristics:

1. High strength 20.92 cN/dtex;

2. Linear density: 1.667, heavier than water, sinking in water;

3. Anti-cutting, good thermal stability, no melting at high temperature, glass transition temperature about 345 ° C;

4. The bending performance is general, and the knotting is easy to form burrs;

5. Good tensile properties, elongation at break: 3.55%;

6. Resistant to common organic solvents and salt solutions, resistant to strong acid and poor alkalinity;

7. Sensitive to ultraviolet light, the intensity is attenuated by about 40% when exposed to sunlight for a long time;

8. Appearance yellow

9. The price is relatively cheap;

10. Para aramid fabric can be made into high-strength high-temperature cloth according to customer's requirements.

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