Jiaxing Fuliong Textile Technology Co., LTD. is a professional textile company, specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing special functional textile materials. With the help of advanced design methods and concept introduced from abroad and capitalizing upon years of research and application in the high tech raw materials field, Fuliong has manufactured and marketed a wide range of series of personal and industrial protection fabrics and products with excellent quality.

Fuliong strictly follows each clients’ specific requirements and provides clients advanced functional fabrics and products made from all kinds of high performance fibers (para aramid, meta aramid, UHMWPE, PI, glass fiber, basalt fiber etc.) These patented products have filled in the gap of the high end functional fabric market and are widely used in military, firefighting, petroleum exploring, iron and steel smelting, automobile manufacturing, diving and mountain climbing, competitive sports such as swordplay, ice hockey and short track speed skating.

"Quality and integrity come first" is not just Fuliong’s business motto. The company strictly follows the industry standards and provides every client not only high quality products but also excellent service. We are an innovation-oriented enterprise with high technological expertise that is developing the best in high-performance products strictly guided by domestic standards GB8965-98, GA10-2002, European standards EN388,EN381,EN533, American standard NFPA2112, NFPA1977 AS4824-2001 and other related standards.

Fuliong, your customized solution and protection, warmly welcomes your visit and commerce all the time.



Cut Resistant Series

This series is made from UHMWPE, Para aramid, stainless fiber and glass fiber through special weaving and knitting process. The whole serial is manufactured in accordance with different blade cut resistant standards ranging from European Standard (EN388:2003 Level 2 to Level 5) to USA Standard(ASTM F1790-05 Level 2 to Level 5). The series provides excellent protection and security to prevent the potential cut or slash injuries caused by glass handling, metal sheet pressing and so on

Main Applications

Working gloves for glass and metal manufacturing industries, clothing for military & police protection, cut-resistant equipment for prison guard, clothing for competitive sports such as ice hockey/ short track speed skating, cut-resistant back-pack and cases etc.

Cut Resistant Series.jpg

High Abrasion Resistant Series

Through special weaving and finishing process, made from para-aramid fiber with high tenacity and high modulus, nylon, UHMWPE fiber etc, this series classified as super high abrasion resistant materials. The unique characteristics of the series also extend to tear resistance, non-slip, water resistance and so on.

Main Applications

Motorcycle clothing, ski and sport gloves, diving suit, protective gear for F1 race drivers, outdoor and mountaineer footwear etc.


Flame Retardant and High Temperature Resistant Series

This series includes flame retardant and high temperature resistant woven, knitted and non-woven fabric that are made from aramid fiber of high tenacity and high modulus, PI, pre-oxidized fiber, flame retardant moda-acrylic fiber, flame retardant viscose and glass fiber etc. These protective products are manufactured in accordance with specific processing technics to meet different requirements in various areas. Since the materials are inherent flame retardant fibers by themselves, rather than through after-processing of flame retardant, fabrics of the series function well in terms of permanent flame resistance, high temperature resistance and other protective performances.

Main Applications

Fire protective clothing and gloves for firefighters, F1 race, welding, shipbuilding, steel smelting, petroleum and chemical industry, barbecue and other industries., plane seat covers, flame retardant blankets, etc.

Flame Retardant and High Temperature Resistant Series.jpg

Aluminized Series

This series is made from Para aramid, Meta aramid, glass fiber, pre-oxidized fiber and polyimide fiber through special finishing processing. Its main characteristics lie in its outstanding thermal insulation performance, incomparable durability, excellent high temperature resistance, soft touch, rub and peel resistance. Besides, it is also very eco-friendly due to permanent flame retardant fiber and there is no needle hole after sewing. With these characteristics, the series can provide extraordinary protection and reduce the damage caused by the flame and high temperature.

Main Applications

Proximity suit for firefighters, flame retardant gloves for steel melting workers, FR arm sleeves for mechanical arm, aluminized foil boots, FR hoods, aluminized foil apron for welding industry etc.

Aluminized Series.jpg

Anti ChainSaw Series

This series is made from UHMWPE, Para aramid, Nylon, Polyethylene, Polyester and the other high tenacity fiber through special production process and innovative technique. 

The main feature lies in its remarkable anti chainsaw performance. When a woodcutter in anti-chainsaw suit accidentally saws his leg or feet, the unique structure of the fabric can stop the chainsaw immediately to effectively protect woodcutter from being hurt. 

Main Applications

Anti chainsaw clothing for woodcutter, protective appliances and boots for wood-cutter etc.

Anti ChainSaw Series.jpg